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GPS Dog Collar wih LD

GPS Dog Collar wih LD

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Never lose your beloved fur friend with this GPS Dog Collar. This collar can give you the latest location and status of your pet both inside and outside with a 10M accuracy.  Hurry, get this today to keep your fur baby safe and not lost.


Using GPS+LBS positioning, the accuracy reaches within 10M,  Smart chip has high efficiency, high speed, strong signal, and long service life.

>. Safety fencing area can be set up. Pets in and out of the area will send reminders to you for the first time to prevent pets from being lost or stolen.

>. Real-time positioning and uploading of the latest pet information. 

>. View the pet's latest trajectory. If lost, look at the historical trajectory for tracking.

>. USB charging, standby time for up to 5 days, compact and convenient one-time charging for up to 5 days, solving the trouble of replacing batteries.

6. Waterproof, dust-proof and fall-proof design. If soaked for a long time, please send it to repair in time.

7. Usage

7.1. 3G and 4G are not supported. Insert the 2G card with GPRS on, press the boot button for 3 seconds, the green light flickers quickly, and the device is available.

7.2. Install APP. There are applicable versions at home and abroad (two-dimensional code for scanned pictures to install APP).

7.3. Open the mobile phone software, scan the bar code adding device on the device, and set the parameter distance to use.

7.4. Matched with the use of dog leash, real-time monitoring of pets' whereabouts to prevent losing, each product is distributed with a nylon dog leash, matching to use.

Ships in 10-15 days

Material: ABS,PVC

Color: Black,

Feature: Durable

Length: 2.60"/6.6cm

Width: 1.50"/3.8cm

Height: 0.75"/1.9cm

Package Include:

1 x Pet Locator

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